40 Chapters At 40



The official launch of Dr. Ernest Koranteng’s book, ‘40 Chapters at 40’. The book will be 40 chapters focusing on the 40 landmark happenings in Dr. Koranteng’s 40 years of existence.


A plush hotel in Accra



24th August, 2023

Police Depot Cluster of Schools Library Project

Police Depot Cluster of Schools Library Project

The book will be used to get support to build a digital library for the Police Depot Basic school, where Dr. Koranteng had his basic school education.

The beneficiary school is forced to use a  dilapidated classroom as a library. Although the structure is in place, it requires significant renovation, inside and out. The place also lacks amenities like shelves to keep books, books to read and suitable tables and chairs.

The project will provide amenities that cut across furnishing the library, providing the library with books, computers, other I.T resources, and internet connectivity.


The Book (The Book)

The book is a 40-chapter compendium focusing on 40 landmark happenings in the life of our Chief Executive, Dr. Ernest Koranteng.

It is meant to be an inspiration to younger generations, my compatriots and even older generations.

Proceeds from the publication and sale of the book will be used to implement the digital library project at the beneficiary school.